JuneteenthICT Parade sponsored by the WSU Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Kicks off Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 10:00 am


  • Check-in between: 8:00 am until 9:15 am at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Tent

  • Parade start time: 10:00 am

  • Location: parking located Seventeenth St and Fairmount.

  • Route: Start point Seventeenth St and Hillside going west ending at McAdam’s Park where the all-day

       Juneteenth ICT celebration will be taking place. 

  • Entry Fee is a purchase for an armband. 

  • Armband pick up

    • Friday evening JuneteenthICT Music in the Park event (see JuneteenthICT schedule). Look for the large yellow WSU Office of Diversity and Inclusion tent.

    • Parade Check-In please send one representative to check-in to pick up armbands for your group if possible​

Registration fee is an armband. Prices are outlined below. Each attendee 4 years of age and older need an armband.



You can make an electronic payment or plan to make payments on site Saturday morning. If writing a check please make them payable to Community Operation Recovery Empowerment, Inc and/or CORE

Each person in parade must have an armband. Armbands serve as entry fee to participate in parade and all other JuneteenthICT events.

JuneteenthICT Armbands

•  $5 general admission thirteen and up

•  $3 youth admission four to twelve years of age

•  For bulk purchases of 50 or more armbands contact JuneteenthICT1@gmail.com or call 316.293.8441.

All registration fees are final and no refunds will be given under any circumstances. Both payment and registration must be received to be a part of the parade. Every entrant from the ages 4 and up must have an armband to be in the parade. Additional armbands can be purchased the day of parade. All sound elements must be appropriate to include edited music. JuneteentICT reserves the right to deny entry to attendees that go against the mission, vision, and values of JuneteenthICT & CORE. We do not have a way to transport folks back to the check-in lot after the parade. Please coordinate a ride for vehicles left at start point of the parade.

Learn more at www.coreofwichita.org/juneteenth-ict for questions email juneteentict1@gmail.com or call 316.293.8441.

*As an entrant in the JuneteenthICT parade, you shall agree to assume complete responsibility for personal injury, damage to personal property, and Covid-19 exposure and/or transmission which may occur during the event or while on the premises of the event. By participating, you shall also agree to release and hold harmless all other persons or organizations associated with the event from all liability for personal injury, property damage, and potential Covid-19 exposure and/or transmission to those not present at the JuneteenthICT events.  JuneteentICT reserves the right to deny entry to attendees that go against the mission, vision, and values of JuneteenthICT & CORE.



Additional Info

  • Competing Entries: Entries shall be judged based on originality, creativity, quality of construction, and entertainment value provided during the parade. The prize is a traveling Juneteenth ICT trophy and cash prize. In order to be a part of the contest you must mark yes on the signup.

  • Candy, trinkets or goodies: For safety reasons and city ordinance items must be handed out to the crowd not thrown.      

  • Maintain continuous forward movement by ensuring all routines are forward moving or marching. Please DO NOT stop along the route for special recognition or exhibition without prior permission from the parade staff.

  • Make way for emergency vehicles and cooperate with police and all parade volunteers. They are there to help the parade move smoothly and to assure everyone’s safety. 

  • Parade Volunteers will be in JuneteenthICT volunteer t-shirts. If you have questions please feel free to ask them.  





Parking Lot Check-In



















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