Founded September 27, 2011 by Brandon J. Johnson and Tommy L. Benford, Community Operations Recovery Empowerment Inc. (CORE) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit Community Engagement & Leadership Development Organization.


Our vision is to create an empowered community focused on economic development, academic success, civic engagement, and family involvement within our community and educational system.

Our mission is to empower youth and families with the skills and tools necessary to lead healthy, fulfilling and increasingly successful lives.


We achieve this mission by focusing on five core areas: Civic Engagement, Community Service & Neighborhood Revitalization, Economic Development, Mentoring/Tutoring/Counseling, and Prevention/Intervention within the legal system.


We believe if we can make a small impact in each of these areas. We can make substantial sustainable change within our City.

Board of Directors

Danielle Johnson - Vice Chair           Brad Thomison - Treasurer
Robert Moody - Secretary               
Bridget Young                                     Tadonne Neal                                Mark Strohminger                               Alex Blasi                                       Kyle Wittorff                                         Lamont Anderson - Advisory


Brandon Johnson - Executive Director